Department of Trauma Centre

Increasing urbanization and rapidly growing vehicular traffic is outpacing the road space and dangerously increasing the density of vehicles per km. This is leading to an increase in road traffic accidents. More lives are lost each year due to traffic related accidents than the deaths during the 2nd world war. Deaths and permanent disability caused due to Trauma or Road Road Traffic Accidents can be prevented if the victim is brought to a well equipped Trauma Centre. When someone is critically injured every second counts. Getting timely & adequate care is the key for prevention of most of the deaths. This fact has been well recognized by the government of India, which is planning to build trauma centers on major highways.

Apex Hospital has taken an early initiative towards this and has set up a well equipped and hi-tech trauma management system in keeping with its tradition of providing world -class facilities to its patients.

Pre-hospital care:
  • The Trauma team takes charge of the situation. An Ambulance equipped with Life saving machines like Ventilator, Monitoring Devices, Oxygen Supply, Basic and advanced Life support system, manned by trained personnel.
  • Triage: The trauma team determines the severity of injury, injury specific to body parts and identification of high ¬≠risk patients.
  • Medical Command: The injured patients are immediately put on life support system in the ambulance and the treatment starts at the site of accident itself. The patient is moved to the hospital for definite and final treatment.
Acute Hospital care:
  • Specialized personnel and services available 24 hours a day
  • Dedicated Trauma Surgeons & Physicians who are highly skilled in treating high end injuries and providing tertiary care facilities are already waiting at the hospital facilitating early diagnosis, surgery and critical supportive care.
  • Well-equipped Emergency Room having dedicated triage beds with all equipments for resuscitation at bedside.
  • High dependency unit for continuous care after resuscitation till they are fit enough to be shifted to rooms/ICU.
  • Dedicated Operation theater for all life saving procedures.
  • State of the art operating rooms, anesthesia, X-Ray, ICU and Laboratory.
  • For severely injured patients, rapid blood transfusion and its availability can mean the difference between life and death.
  • Immediate availability of all specialists and super¬≠specialist doctors.
  • Supported by well qualified nurses and paramedics.
  • Physical and occupational therapy to facilitate recuperation and rehabilitation.
  • Dietary services to cater to individual patients needs.

Time is Critical in Accident Patients
In accident victims, the first hour after accident is considered the 'Golden Hour'. It is critical in accident patients that the time gap between the accident and the definitive treatment is minimized. This can help in saving precious lives. It is made possible by our dedicated trauma service unit where patient is quickly evaluated and moves through diagnostics and gets the final treatment within the golden hour.

Long-term care rehabilitation:

A dedicated link is in place between inpatient rehabilitation and acute care to ensure smooth transition to long-term recovery.

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