Medical Tourism

The Indian healthcare market is Rs. 15 billion and growing at over 30 % every year. Indian private hospitals are increasingly finding a mention in the travel itineraries of foreigners, with the trend of medical tourism catching up in the country. If industry estimates are to be believed, the size of the medical tourism industry stands at Rs 1,200 - Rs 1,500 crore (Rs. 12-15 billion).

A recent CII-McKinsey study on Indian healthcare says medical tourism alone can contribute Rs 5,000- Rs 10,000 crore (Rs. 50-100 billion) additional revenue for tertiary hospitals by 2012, and will account for 3-5 % of the total healthcare delivery market. Compared to countries like the UK or the US, procedures like heart bypass surgery or angioplasty come at a fraction of the cost in India, even though the quality of doctors and medical equipment is comparable to the best in the world.

A heart bypass surgery in India costs less then USD 6,000, while in the US it costs between USD 30,000 and USD 80,000. This is a huge, untapped market, not just for therapeutic medical tourism like ayurveda, but also for curative treatment. Most of the Apex Hospital Doctors are trained or specialized in UK, USA etc. and compare with the best in the world, in their chosen specialties.

India can lead the world in medical and health tourism since we have a tremendous advantage with a large pool of skilled manpower and technological edge. One million health tourists per annum could contribute up to US$ 5 billion of tourism revenue to the Indian economy.

Led by Apex Hospital, Indian Healthcare today has developed International delivery capabilities and has demonstrated International excellence in all specialties with major cost advantages for people from overseas.

Apex Hospital has successfully treated many foreign patients from across the world and the numbers are looking up every year. Thousands of uninsured International patients now have the option to come to Apex Hospital for tertiary care needs.

At Apex Hospital we strongly believe that India will find its rightful place as the Global Healthcare Destination of the world. We are constantly striving to enhance our infrastructure and facilities to offer our patients, the assurance of a world-class healthcare system that emphasizes safety and pushes the boundaries of excellence.

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